Stress and Anxiety

There exists a delicate distinction between stress and anxiety. Although both are emotional reactions, stress typically arises due to external triggers. These triggers can be short-term, like impending work deadlines or conflicts with loved ones, or long-term. Individuals dealing with stress encounter both mental and physical symptoms, including irritability, anger, fatigue, muscle discomfort, digestive issues, and sleep disturbances.


Anxiety is a broad term that covers a range of underlying disorders and is more prevalent now than it has ever been. According to Mental Health UK, over 8 million people are experiencing an anxiety disorder at any one time, therefore you are far from alone.


In suffering with anxiety, you have already discovered that your mind is a powerful tool, whilst it possesses the ability to create anxiety, it equally possesses the capability to counteract it. We will work together using a variety of hypnosis techniques, including relaxation, guided imagery and the power of suggestion as well as reframing techniques to help you regain control of your life.

Man standing in a room with social anxiety

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