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Reimagine your life by tapping into the remarkable power of your mind. Hypnotherapy, when used effectively, can bring about real and noticeable changes. Start making those changes today with tailored services from Marsha, a certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Southampton.

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What Clients Are Saying

Anxiety Management

“My experience of having hypnotherapy with Marsha has been very successful. Marsha treats our sessions with respect and care. She is non-judgmental and is very easy to talk to. She helps makes sense of what seems to me like such a big issue. Marsha has a good balance of compassion and empathy. I felt that each session was productive and important work has been done. This work that continues to support me if I start to feel anxious or have negative thoughts. I can’t recommend Marsha highly enough as a Hypnotherapist.”
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Linda, Jersey

Therapeutic Treatments

Man standing in a room with social anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Buildings with a plane flying over head indicating phobias that can be treated at MB-Hypnotherapy


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Pain Management

Lady running on a hill at sunrise with overlaid image of lady meditating

Sports Performance

Lady reaching for an alarm clock in bed with insomnia

Sleep Disturbance

Hypnotherapy successfully treats a wide range of issues, in excess of the six highlighted above. Please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you. I provide hypnotherapy in Southampton and online.

Myths and facts image relating to hypnotherapy
MB Hypnotherapy Myths and Facts

What is hypnosis?

While there are various perspectives and interpretations of hypnosis, there isn’t a single universally agreed-upon definition that encompasses all aspects of this phenomenon. The nature of hypnosis has been the subject of ongoing debate and exploration within the field of psychology and related disciplines. Different researchers, practitioners, and schools of thought offer their own definitions based on their perspectives and areas of expertise.


Below is my definition of hypnosis based on my own perspective, which also represents some of the prominent viewpoints and interpretations of hypnosis. It’s essential to recognise that the field is dynamic and evolving, and the understanding of hypnosis continues to develop over time.


“Hypnosis involves concentrated attention combined with a deep and relaxed level of consciousness in which a person’s awareness becomes highly receptive to suggestions. This heightened receptiveness to suggestions facilitates constructive changes in perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, contributing to an improved quality of life”.  

MB Hypnotherapy Myths and Facts

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